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Culture & fun

It’s always hard to describe yourself, but what I’ve realized over the years is that what you love most in life is what defines you as a person and a colleague. I’m a family oriented person, who loves her friends, appreciates loyalty, adores animals and aspire to wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

Until a few years back I did not know who I really wanted to be when I grow up, since my whole life I’ve had so many desires and wishes. Now, I’ve understood, that it’s not really the job or the task that defines me, but the kind of person I am.

I appreciate honesty, teamwork and good old fashioned work. I get excited about new ideas and always stand behind what I do. I try to stay on top of the latest news and events in the world and do my best to base my opinions on facts. Sometimes someone proves me wrong and I adjust.

New projects and contacts keep me motivated. I do well under stressful situations and always try to find a solution, when one is needed. I like to brainstorm and try out new things, but good old excel calculations warm my heart.

One of my favorite things in the world is to travel. Anywhere, anytime.

I have had the privilege to organize many events over the past few years. I also have experience from the EU Presidency events that were held in 2017 in Tallinn, I’ve hosted several sports clubs (football, hockey) and a countless amount of different company events from small board meetings to large conferences. I’ve also been an event host and a moderator. I have experience in working at a full service international hotel, a zoo (yes, it’s an event venue!) and also in the role of a paying client.



  • HUMAK University of Applied Sciences, cultural management, graduated in 2014 (bachelor level education)
  • Estonian Business School, business administration & languages, one semester in 2010
  • Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu, graduated in 2010 (high school)

Additional trainings & courses

  • Service Design course (MBA-level), Haaga-Helia



  • Voiceover talent
  • Singer
  • Executive producer, COO, Daous Media & Entertainment
  • Advisor, Miltton Events
  • General manager, Sparkles.fi


  • PR Manager for a political candidate
  • Groups, conferences & events sales manager, Hilton Tallinn Park
  • Events coordinator/Administrator, Tallinn Zoo
  • Reporter, Rottaradio
  • Freelance content writer
  • Marketing manager, INT2000 Oy
  • Member of the board, INT2000 Oy / Wepardi


  • Equestrian rider (dressage)
  • Pop, rock, classic and alternative music fan
  • I listen to the BBC Global News Podcast almost daily
  • Love dresses & high heels
  • Sweets keep me going!


  • To voice a character in a globally distributed movie
  • Narrate a horse documentary
  • To perform a concert for 1000 people
  • Be a leader in media & entertainment business
  • To experience an equal and fair media & entertainment business
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