Advertising has changed over the past few decades. Some say for the better and some say for worse. Personally I love some old school ads, but at the same time the technology brings up super cool tricks that I cannot get enough of.

Advertisement can be almost anything these days. I’ve listed a few types of ads below to give you an overview of what can be done. Some of them require large investments while others work well with a smaller budget.

TV, Newspaper & Radio

The three musketeers. Ads started in newspaper and continued when radio and television came along. These are the most classic ad types you have and they give you a possibility of reaching a broad audience in a certain area. These channels are used for increasing brand awareness, showcasing a new product, or telling customers about a sale.

Creation of television ads can require quite a large investment, while newspaper and radio ads are usually cheaper. The creation of ads can take quite a while and your preferred channel might not always be available. You should get ready to spend some time when working with TV, newspaper or radio ads.

All three channels provide an advertising opportunity that is not only an ad in between shows. You might also have a chance to create a new TV or radio show, or publish an interesting article together with the publishing media. There are many opportunities.

Direct mail

Direct mail is an ad which is sent directly to people to their mail boxes. They are leaflets in different sizes and are often targeted to a specific area. Mostly it’s popular with local businesses who wish to strengthen their position in their area.

Direct mail can be a good option if you wish to acquire new customers and build awareness in a certain area. In some cases, this channel can get quite expensive as it’s not that easy to measure the success of this unless there’s a special code that new or existing clients have to use.

Outdoor media: billboards, transportation

Depending on where you want to be seen, outdoor media can be a good way to reach a large audience in a short period of time. The creation of massive outdoor ads can get quite expensive, but an ad well done catches they eyes of everyone really quickly. There are several great examples of outdoor ads that have created a buzz and fulfilled their targets swiftly.

Outdoor medias are usually used by large companies and they use the same ads in several locations simultaneously. At the same time, local businesses and organizations like using outdoor medias due to their effectiveness. However, if there is not enough budget available at the moment, consider postponing the campaign if you wish to use outdoor channels. Bad campaigns simply don’t get a response of any kind, not even negative.


Online channels can be divided into several categories and types, and it’s quite funny that still many companies just simply use the word “online”. Online includes all the ad activities you could possibly do in the internet environment. Here’s a few:

  • Google Ads
  • Banners
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Website ads, such as content marketing

The list would have a couple more things, but I think you get the point. Online marketing and advertising can be a difficult journey if you are not familiar with it. There’s a lot of options and while some of them reach a great audience with a smaller investment, others might spend your money without the blink of an eye.

Finding the right advertisement type for your business or organization can be challenging, but spending a little time doing research and finding a good media partner who can help you with creating ads in any type you wish, is a good place to start.

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