Estonia is a small and wonderful country located in Northern Europe, between Finland and Latvia and next to Russia. The country is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and there is just a bit over 1.3 million people living in Estonia. There are a few things I would recommend taking into consideration before organizing an event in Estonia.

There are different events that need to be organized and all of them have individual targets. However, a lot of companies wish to organize their events in Estonia, whether it’s an annual meeting, a gala event or a multi-day conference. It’s a great location, it’s not too expensive and it accommodates the needs of even the most detail-oriented clients.

  • Estonia is small and easy to access

One of the greatest things about Estonia is the fact that it’s easy to get to Estonia, especially from other European countries and it’s easy to get around. Did you know that it takes about 10 minutes to get to the airport from the city center? It also takes a maximum of three (3!) hours to get to any border in Estonia, so you can organize sub-events in other parts of the country and make it work!

  • Tallinn, the capital, is a mixture of old and new

If you are looking for a location with history and your delegates will have some time off, there’s a lot to see and to do in the city of Tallinn. As everything is close, most of the hotels are also located in the city center area. This makes the city easily accessible for almost everyone and you don’t have to worry about your delegates or colleagues getting too lost. You will also get to see how old and new work together – Tallinn has some interesting architectural design you should see.

  • The food menus are versatile and able to accommodate special diets

Even though Estonia is a young country, it prides itself in the food it offers. The variety of different catering companies, restaurants and hotels that offer food at events is vast. You will have a possibility to choose from different types of companies, whether you are looking for vegan, halal, fresh or just basic conference menus, you’ll have several options. The most important part is to make sure you know what you are looking for, since otherwise there’s a risk that a local company offers you a local menu – it’s tasty and good, but it necessarily isn’t for anyone. You should especially look out for anything with fish and make sure it’s not made for the local taste only.

  • There are around 7000 hotel rooms in Tallinn

What’s great about the small Tallinn is that it can accommodate large groups. By the end of the year, Tallinn will have around 7000 hotel rooms in total. As mentioned above, the city is quite small and if you’re not worried about having your delegates in separate hotels, you will have enough room. Watch out for the summer season though, as it still gets crowded!

  • Cheapest and most expensive months to organize an event in Estonia

The seasons work very similar to other destinations with the same weather. Your to-go months with the best offers that I’ve seen are July, December, January and February. The most expensive months are May, June, end of August and September. Please keep in mind, that these are based on a few years of event organizing experience in Tallinn and there might be differences depending on the location. However, the middle months that were not mentioned can get popular as well, but you might be able to get better pricing there than the most expensive months.

Estonia’s one major advantage compared to many other destinations, is the agility of the country in every field. Whether you are working with a hotel, event venue or even the government, things can get done fast and easy. I must point out though, that last-minute things might not always go the way you want to, so planning is good – this applies everywhere in the world though.

I hope this gives you a good and quick overview if you’re looking to organize a company event in Tallinn or in Estonia. If you are looking for someone who can help you with any part of the project, please do get in touch! I’ll be happy to give you some more pointers and maybe even help you organize the whole thing locally in Estonia.

I have had the privilege to organize many events over the past few years. I also have experience from the EU Presidency events that were held in 2017 in Tallinn, I’ve hosted several sports clubs (football, hockey) and a countless amount of different company events from small board meetings to large conferences. I’ve also been an event host and a moderator. I have experience in working at a full service international hotel, a zoo (yes, it’s an event venue!) and also in the role of a paying client.

Contact me at or +358405551191.

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